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If you read my book, The Mystery of Miracles, you know I documented several styles of miracles, from healings to “fun” miracles. In this blog I am sharing a very personal miracle involving my husband, John. Today he is recovering from an unscheduled and totally surprising quadruple by pass heart surgery.

There were so many miracles happening on so many levels resulting in his life being spared, I decided to share the joy and wonder with you and perhaps encourage you to recognize and appreciate your own miraculous events.

Everyone who knows John is aware of his highly active lifestyle and his seemingly endless source of energy.  Four years ago, at the age of seventy-four, he climbed the famous Machu Picchu all the way to the top.  John now hikes through the red rocks of Sedona on a weekly basis and for a while we were dancing once or twice every week at local venues. While I sat out a dance to rest, John would give the single ladies a whirl on the dance floor.  He is also busy with his new hobby, creating wood sculptures from local tree stumps.

Three weeks ago John and I flew out to Vancouver to realize one of his dreams: taking the Trans-Canada rail excursion across the continent to Toronto. We spent two weeks enjoying parks like Vancouver Island, Banff gondola rides, glacier walking on the Ice Fields, walking, walking, walking and then riding for three more days non-stop via rail across Canada to Toronto and then two more days of sightseeing and …you guessed it…walking.

On our third day home, we were invited to join some friends at a dance with our favorite band in honor of military veterans. John was asked to help out next day on Thursday for a Marine Corps charity event and went to help unload some equipment. Later that afternoon he experienced a shortness of breath and slight pain in his chest. Unbeknownst to me he had briefly experienced the same thing while in Toronto. John then had a thought come into his mind, “Call 911 or you are going to die.”

John called me from the ambulance and I met him at the Sedona Emergency Clinic. They were mystified at his symptoms and could find nothing amiss in his blood, Xray or EKG. After several hours of watching him with slight chest pain they decided to err on the side of caution and transported him to nearby Cottonwood Regional Hospital where he stayed all night in the ER. Next morning his doctor arrived and after watching and testing John all day, he decided there was no reason to keep him, but in his words, “I know you, John, and I want to take a look at those arteries for your peace of mind and just make sure. I don’t expect to find anything.”

So I am in the waiting room praying for John undergoing an angiogram when the doctor enters to tell me there is a a helicopter on the way to take John to Flagstaff hospital where a surgeon is waiting to perform a quadruple by pass on his heart. Two major arteries were blocked 90 % and two more close to that. I was taken into the Catheter Lab to speak with John as the medical  team made things ready to transport him. He was amazingly calm. In fact he had been calm and showed no stress outwardly or by his vital signs throughout the entire ordeal up to that point. John now believes that was another miracle manifesting to keep him from having a heart attack; placing him in a peaceful state of being until all was arranged and made ready for the bypass.

So, we now know the surgery went amazingly well and John is home being cared for by his daughter who happens to be a registered nurse. Her brother and sister will  take turns caring for John for the next two weeks as well. Although I was ready and willing to do what ever was needed in his aftercare, it is certainly not my strong suit to meticulously administer medicine and record vitals, etc. So these children stepping up to fly in and care for their father is a tribute to them and a blessing to both John and myself.

John’s surgeon told me that had a heart attack occurred during the train ride or anywhere across the vast land of Canada it would have been death. Other things are obvious as well: the Sedona emergency doctor deciding to transport John to the hospital. John’s habit of bringing detailed readings of his blood pressure and heart rate, etc. to his doctor who considered him, “obsessive” (his words) prompted the doctor’s decision to order the angiogram. The helicopter and a wonderful surgeon were available at the right time. Medical techniques developed to bypass clogged arteries by using veins from the leg to carry vital life blood to the heart are certainly miraculous achievements.

I count it a miracle that John and I were invited to the dance where his friend enlisted his help and those two activities placed demands on his arteries that resulted in a little pain and shortness of breath to get John’s attention at the right time.

Yes, we see miraculous interventions in seemingly natural events when we realize how interconnected we are with one another and with the Spirit of God, the Source of All That Is (by any name or label). You are not alone! You are not separate.  Things are not necessarily coincidence but arranged in the spirit realm and referred to as “synchronicity” by those in the metaphysical field . We function much better in oneness.  Let us live in awareness and gratitude in union for our oneness, no matter our vocation, our race, our culture, or our religion and beliefs.





  1. Patt
    Sep 27, 2015

    Bea. That was such an amazing recap of the event surrounding John’s by-pass surgery. When I really look back at so many events in our lives, I see the miracles everywhere. Praise God John is doing so well. I am in the midst of needing a small miracle and ask for your thoughts and prayers.
    Love to you both,

    • Bea Schuller
      Sep 28, 2015

      Pat, it was a nice treat to see your comment about my post on the website. I will definitely add you to my specific “friend” prayer list and we will anticipate together that God’s highest good come forth and anything in the way be released from this situation.
      Light and love,

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