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I listened to an exhilarating YouTube video this week by Yogi Sadhguru. He began by speaking to the transforming power of meditation with these equally powerful words: “If America meditates, the whole world meditates.”

As I read his words again, they still fill me with hope and pride. You see, he was saying the world follows America: what a responsibility and an opportunity at the same time.  The yogi went on to explain how America could bring the world together through an inclusive process as opposed to an exclusive one that divides by the concept of good and bad.

As he explained further how we become one with life it became clear he was speaking of the nature of life on our planet as an inclusive process.  The trees exhale out oxygen which we inhale and then exhale out life to the trees as we all become one sharing our air. This is the natural way of being; in tune with life, our existence happening through an inclusive process.

I can see how saying and believing, for example “my religion is good, your religion is bad” is an exclusive process completely contrary to our way of life on this planet. We must stop saying and thinking in this way. We all depend on one another and we must respect each life given by the Source of all Creation.

We have a U.S. President who ran for office on the promise to work to unite Americans and move forward to great changes. The great changes have not materialized yet because he operated under that concept of good and bad towards Democrats vs. Republicans, white vs. black races, conservative vs. liberal citizens: all of these are in reality an exclusive process.  How many of us do the same? Now in his second term the changes we see are not ones most Americans wanted.  Until recently, the country was almost evenly divided in the president’s job approval ratings. Now because of his administration’s policies, Americans are uniting but not in the way he promised.  They are uniting in opposition to his lack of leadership on all fronts. Hopefully this division in the country will spur him on to seeing all American citizens as equally worthy of respect and trust.

I pray Mr. Obama will step up and lead America and the rest of the world to peace, prosperity and joy. Can we join forces with our thoughts and words toward that end? Can we keep our hearts and minds centered on that expectation through prayer, meditation or any other means, which are all good?  Do what you can and ask for what you can’t do. Look inside for something bigger than yourself and be receptive. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” That is ALL of us on Earth. Together we can bring peace. I pray the spirit of unconditional love will permeate every world leader and head of state and that they begin to see that religions, judgement, and hate can divide people and nations that in fact originate  from the One Source of All That Is, no matter what name or label. Every violent act is a cry for love by the perpetrator because LOVE cannot hate or kill or maim or resent. Love cares, tolerates, gives and forgives, blesses, encourages, exhorts and raises up another.

Will we continue to see “God” as a parent who places conditions upon His/Her/Its own flesh and blood creation before accepting and loving them? Would you as a parent insist on your child praising you faithfully on a certain hour or day of the week before you would extend love to them?  Are there any conditions of behavior or lack thereof that would justify you as a parent watching your own offspring being tortured for ever and ever? If not, how could you honor a Divine Being who practiced such a thing? Brothers and sisters, in our right minds we would all rescue our own children, forgiving them for whatever offense they had committed against us, as Jesus did on the cross when he said, “Forgive them Father (Creator) for they know not what they do.”

America, let’s meditate on these words. Let’s  align ourselves with the inclusive way of life on our beautiful planet and contribute to harmony and peace among our fellowman.









  1. Philip
    Nov 6, 2014


    I love you and agree with most. Having said this, there are elements in this world that will take your trying to be inclusive and ultimately destroy you for your belief. As long as your philosophy accepts that you will have to sacrifice your life for it then ok.

    • Bea Schuller
      Nov 10, 2014

      I apologize for taking so long to approve and reply to your comment. I am still learning how to navigate around my website. As to your philosophy about our being inclusive with our sects and beliefs,I am choosing to send thoughts and intentions of enlightenment towards oneness and a universal God without religious conditions. These Islamic extremists, as you know, have been taught to hate infidels all their lives. I only ask that we determine to see them as misled brothers and sisters and try to respond with more merciful thoughts instead of just hating them. Forgiveness as Jesus said, Forgive them Father, they know not what they do,” as he said about the Jews of his day. Jesus was pretty rough on the religious leaders at first too, but when he was totally at their mercy, he forgave them. Islam has been distorted like Christianity was in the 4th century and “death and torture to heretics” followed for centuries.

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