Miracles Book Review


Many of you have written to let me know how much you enjoyed reading The Mystery of Miracles. Most of you consider it a “page turner” and I suppose the episodes I used to make my points are engaging on the unusual side.  Yes, as an ordinary person, I managed to lead an extraordinary life of both wonderful and horrible experiences.  I value them all because eventually I learned from them how to live abundantly in joy and peace.

It occurs to me that many of my stories appeal to those who are now or may at some time encounter their own challenging experiences. This probably includes us all and the message that we have a source available for times of trouble is what blesses me with peace every day.

Thank goodness we have access to those with training and experience in an ever growing field of enlightened ministries, but the message of Mystery of Miracles is two-fold:

We can all facilitate with the “Divine Source of All” to bring about miracles in our life from a multitude of needs we may have. Jesus made it clear that anyone who believes enough will be who he (Jesus) was as a man and perform the same and even greater miracles he performed as a man.  Yes, didn’t he say “nothing will be impossible to him (a man or woman) who believes”?  We are all “sons of God” a part of the Divine Creator of the Universe and we all have a spark of that Unconditional Loving God inside us that we can access for miracles for ourselves and others. How great is that?

So, thank you all for writing and also for sharing my books with others. That is the reason they were written, to get this beautiful, life changing message to as many as possible. Knowing God’s love is unconditional and that we all can access the power of that love that lives within each of us is the message Jesus and other enlightened men and women have shared through the ages. It is time the people of the world refuse to be divided by culture or religion or politics and come together as the family we are:  a diverse, creative and loving people.

I am grateful  for the opportunity and privilege of writing from my heart.

Thoughts and prayers for peace, joy, love and abundance to you all,


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