Lamenting the Demise of Churches

Lamenting the Demise of Churches

I just heard about a CNN series on the “disappearance of churches” in many European countries. I did not see the program but made the following comment on Facebook as a response to the theory:

“My troubled life was changed to one of victory by a personal visitation and infilling of Spirit of Christ in my home thirty years ago. Thereafter my only church attendance was a four year stent in a small Methodist church that quickly grew into a new sanctuary with three Sunday services. It has been my experience that teachings from churches and sects about their “brand of vengeful God” tends to separate humanity.  To the contrary, Christ pleaded for an understanding of oneness with a Father-like God within all souls. My experience has been a troubled life transitioned to one of transformation and miracles outside of “church.” Presently my life is about sharing my understanding of our oneness with a God (by any name or label) of Unconditional Love and with one another as brothers and sisters who can connect by going within to fan the flame of that love.”

Recently my journey has taken a profoundly inspired turn towards spiritual growth when I moved to Sedona, Arizona and began attending a small gathering of souls in a former Unity congregation led by  Michael Mirdad, a renowned teacher, healer, counselor and author.  You may Google him up and find his writings and several “teaching” books.

So these days I find my prayers in alignment with those of Jesus  recorded in the Bible by his apostle John. Incidentally, I used to wonder how John knew what Jesus was praying in chapter 17 as we read his words  asking for unity among the brothers and within himself and the Father. “Was John standing nearby with a quill of ink and a scroll recording every word,” I wondered incredulously, ” to be transcribed from his notes years later?”  I now understand that Spirit can channel the words of Jesus or anyone else, I would suppose, to those of us who are are trusting and receptive to such possibilities. It may not be a perfect transmission filtered through our mortal minds, but we can then separate the chaff from the wheat.

So back to the concept of oneness with the Creator of All and with one another as sons and daughters. We can take this notion further to understand that we are co-creators. Scripture tells us God’s words ” go out and do not return void.” Being made in the same image, so do our thoughts and prayers accomplish what we intend. If we are thinking we are the offspring of a God of Unconditional love, then obviously our thoughts and prayers will reflect and return that reality to our world. You can then realize that thoughts and prayers centering on the opposite idea; that of a vengeful God looking down to punish those who  neglect religion’s rules of behavior, will produce fear that can and has taken many horrific forms .  The concept of Oneness  also carries with it the stark reality that what we do to others, we do to ourselves. This gives new meaning to “loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

Can you see how discussions like these could replace the ancient religious teachings that separate us? What kind of unifying message in churches, synagogues and mosques would you like to see? I love to visualize the beautiful places of worship around the world: cathedrals, mosques, temples and churches full of people praying to the Source of All with a universal prayer. What pours from my heart is  that peace, love, joy and abundance shall come to ALL mankind.

God is a God of the living and His words and teachings did not suddenly stop going forth after the ancient writings of religions  today.  Listen and we can hear fresh “manna” for our lives and others as we enter the new age before us. You’ve heard from scripture,  “By their fruits will they be known.”  The fruit of love and peace  shall come to this generation.  We can all be a part of it by  praying daily with great anticipation for all  Clergy, Rabbis, Imams, and other religious leaders to  receive the call to gather and feed us with the Creator’s  message of Unconditional love for one another. And so it is.






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