An Ostrich I Am Not, Redux, Oct. 23, 2015

An Ostrich I Am Not, Redux, Oct. 23, 2015


Since I am a retired journalist and called to inform and be a “watchdog for society,” I have begun to share my own response to these horrific news accounts from the Middle East.  I encourage other like-minded souls to join me in recognizing the perpetrators’ “cry for love,” and urge you to join me in praying for wisdom, understanding and truth to replace any lies and/or fear they are operating under as they spread their terror.

I pray for this every morning that they will receive the truth that we are brothers and sisters created by One Source of All no matter what name or label. I pray that leaders of religions and sects will begin to teach their followers that God is not “out there somewhere judging and condemning us” if we do not follow their rules of behavior, but instead loves us unconditionally as any loving mortal parent would do. Instead of dividing us by rules that come from hundreds of different “Gods,” I pray they will act from a reality of one Creator and that as offspring, we all contain the same Divine spark making us Infinite beings. Thus, in our ignorance, if we hurt one another, we hurt ourselves. Of course our actions have consequences and we can expect correction to come to those of us who deliberately inflict pain and suffering on our brothers and sisters, as in any earthly family, so too with the divine family to which we all belong.

And so, I move forward with a little more understanding of my appointed approach to what I see happening in our world. I do not criticize, judge, condemn myself or others for any harm inflicted, but I do hold us accountable for our actions. We must apply proper, effective discipline/correction when and where it is needed to obtain peace and harmony and happiness in our lives and our world.

As for our own leaders in America, we the people decide by voting them into office, so we have an obligation to be informed about the candidates. As a messenger, I am predestined to share what I learn as I research those running for president in both parties. I will pray for all of them, for their moral fiber and their safety and do my best to determine which one will be the better leader for our country. I will do my duty and vote for whomever I determine in either party stands for integrity and intends to uphold our values as set by the Constitution from which we make our laws. As a former journalist, I take my duty to be an informed voter and a responsible law abiding citizen very seriously. I intend to share my research and my opinion about presidential candidates with all of you on social media and through my website. Not to criticize but to inform and pray that we the voters, will place the right leaders in power.





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