Age of Enlightenment

Age of Enlightenment


Today while sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful weather in Arizona, my thoughts turned to the incredible joy of knowing I am the offspring of the greatest power of love and creativity that exists in the Universe!

Yes, I have lofty thoughts at times and more frequently in these days when the cry for love from my brothers and sisters of the world is telecommunicated daily into my home. This was foretold by the Old Testament prophet Daniel after seeking with all his heart to know what the end of the age would bring. It seems an angel was sent to Daniel revealing terrible scenarios for the “end of the age” (mistranslated in scripture as “end of the world”). That age the angel described is now passing away as we enter a new age.angel message to shepards

I find the book of Daniel one of the most intriguing reads on eschatology. According to the text, Daniel still could not understand the angel’s description. So with exasperation Daniel asked again what the final end would look like and the angel replied: Many will be purged, purified and refined and the “wicked” will not understand, but those with insight will understand. Now I believe the “wicked” to be those who have yet to discover they are actually children of a powerful, Loving God.

To make matters worse, religions and sects have touted the Creator as a God of Anger and Wrath. Doesn’t that sound like the world system we have created on our planet? Yes, we do co-create because as divine children our thoughts and words will take form as do those of our heavenly Father. The problem is we have not taken care to mind our thoughts and words; therefore, we have created one big mess of a world.

Now in this new age of enlightenment we can take comfort in knowing the truth, outside religious circles if necessary, that our Father is not a God of Wrath at all, but One who corrects rather than punishes, forgives rather than condemns, who blesses rather than curses. What kind of world do you suppose we could create as offspring of this kind of Divine Being? I can tell you what my experience has been since recognizing that God, by any name or no name, loves me and all mankind unconditionally.  At the first moment I believed that, I was reborn in Spirit and have over the years, through trials, failures and victories alike, replaced fear with love, peace and joy. Instead of condemning myself and others I now extend love and forgiveness. From my formerly self-centered life has come love and concern for all humanity. I am now a messenger of these truths, a facilitator of healing and miracles, and at last a lover of my own soul.

So of course I have farther to go, but I celebrate where I have already come and hope that these opportunities to share will compel those still in pain and confusion to embrace the saving truth about this God of Love for all mankind. I ask for peace, love, joy and abundance to envelop my brothers and sisters in every nation. We are the universal family of God and so shall we be like our Father.


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