Who’s Life Are You Living?

Who’s Life Are You Living?

Who’s Life Are You Living?

This morning I woke up in a really bad funk, having had a week of disappointments to process. I thought, “Well let me go pray and get the day started off right.”  I couldn’t pray, my words just seemed insincere and fake.

Earlier I had decided to visit my local Unity service and was driving into Sedona when my mood lifted a little and I became highly conscious of the oneness I have with God, believing with all my heart the concept that Divine Spirit (Almighty God, Heavenly Father, Allah, the Christ) —however we choose to express it—lives in me.  I have years of experience and evidence that this is so for me and whether others have yet to discover this beautiful reality, I know they will at some point… in this life or after.

So as this amazing thought took hold of me I found myself asking,

“Well, what would you like to experience today, Lord?  Is there something you want to do as me, through me?”

Now my spirit and feelings really picked up just thinking of the astounding possibilities before me, being as how I was aligned with the will of the Divine. Whatever that may be, it is never bad.

Now I am getting super charged and thinking of all the great things “we” could experience together. I am actually used to manifesting supernatural events and facilitating miracles for myself and others, but at times life’s circumstances can derail us from that mindset, taking us back into the illusion of lack instead of abundance and joy.

So I get to Unity in a much better frame of mind when the song selection just happens to be my very favorite one, Spirit in the Sky. We are all free to dance and jump around there and so I could abandon myself to the music, the words and the joy filled group of brothers and sister there. I truly believe that was a little gift that I could share with the Lord as OUR favorite song together…get it? Oneness!

So the “experience” was just getting started. Michael Mirdad is the most gifted teacher I have ever heard, but today’s message was specifically powerful in getting me back on track to living the life I and the Lord like. He spoke first about the default program in our minds as a result of our erroneous thinking that we are separated from God, thus we are set to NOT have a good day, but a day driven by our Ego.

So instead of rising in the morning under the power of our default program, we can make a choice to have a God day. That is free will, to choose how we wake up on the right side of the mind and take on the day. Think of it as our support system, starting the morning aligned with the power of God. Michael says this decision can give us seconds, hours, days of inspiration and blessings.

Michael makes a choice every morning to override his default system and I share his declaration with you here:

“Today I make no decisions alone, instead I make them with God. Any decisions I have made in the past without God, I surrender and deny the effects today and call in your presence and all the gifts I may receive.”

Another thing stressed upon was from the Course in Miracles which focused on thinking of “Who I am,” as opposed to “Who I am not.”  Just as this morning in the car I KNEW I was One with God, and how in the world did this message be already there and waiting at Unity to solidify my thoughts into action and empowerment to live every day as a God day.

One more little gift was in store for me at Unity as they told me my books were sold out and so it felt almost surreal to go to the car and bring in more copies. Do you see now what kind of experience God wanted to have with me today? He wants to have a God day with you too. If we can just choose that every morning, I know our lives will take a turn for the better. How can they not?

Just so you know, writing this up to share with you was a wonderful God afternoon and I hope you have a God day reading it.

Light and love my friends!



  1. Roxanne
    May 4, 2015

    A good reminder, Bea, that we all have a choice in our attitude. I love the quote from Michael and will use it. Good post.

    • Bea Schuller
      May 4, 2015

      Thank you, Roxanne. Yes, all this “free will” is a double edge sword, isn’t it? I sure prefer to be on the winning side of it and we all know our thoughts and words have power as co-creators.

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