The Real Kingdom of God?

The Real Kingdom of God?

I was reading a FB discussion this morning on the meaning of the Kingdom of God. There was the usual quote attributed to Jesus the Christ about the Kingdom of God being “within you.” A modern term for kingdom would be “seat of power” or “government” as we have in the U.S. When I pray for government here and around the world I pray for wisdom, love and peace to fill the hearts of individuals who hold that power over the nations.

In democracies and republics the people hold the power to elect their own leaders. This is a great system as long as people are responsible in electing good and honest representatives who respect the people they “serve.” If the electorate is not diligent in their duty to vote in a good and honest leader, they may find themselves “serving” a dictator who uses his power to advance what he himself considers best for them all. I am going to begin praying for an informed electorate in the U.S. With the emergence of the internet we can become the new “media” of millions. It is so much easier for us to fact check for ourselves and get at the truth.

We have a long history of suffering people in nations ruled by power hungry men: most recently Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. Are we in the world going to continue down that path?  No, we are not!

I start most of my days in prayer for leaders in America and around the world.  The arrival of the World Wide Web and social media has shifted my view on how best I can impact my world for good. It is my opinion that social media has arrived at just the right time as a tool to usher in benevolent governments and leaders who will truly rule the nations with peace and goodwill.

Science is proving we are all different forms of energy (Spirit?) sustaining each other in an inclusive process on this planet. Briefly put, we need everyone and everything to survive and more importantly to thrive in our physical bodies. Yes, we breathe the oxygen of plants and animals and each other. So, where does the WWW technology come in to the picture? It unites us and gives power to the people.

I now realize that peace and goodwill for all is residing in the collective individual and those religions and sects that tend to divide us are being exposed. Being connected to all means we are all one with the Source of All That Is, the unseen Divine nature that IS the real “us” of peace and goodwill. Social media is bringing us together, out from under the power of any MAN-made historical organized government or sect or religion. It is through us as individuals discovering this accessible Divine Nature, by any name or label, inside us and uniting us (as social media does) that will bring us and our planet into a beautiful harmonious heaven on earth.

We in America will begin to take seriously our hard-fought right to vote and elect men and women of integrity intent on uniting and prospering us ALL.  What we do in anger or hate to one of us we do to ourselves and what we do in love and respect for one of us we do to ourselves because we are all one: you in me and I in you and us all in a Divine Source of Unconditional Love.  When you look through all the religions what are they promoting?  Through our eternal Divine source within, we can and we will manifest heaven: a world of peace, love, joy and abundance for all.






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