Road Trip

After a few days of rest, I am back from my travels and basking in beautiful Sedona with thoughts whirling through my head waiting to be written. That long road trip took me in a huge circle through Arizona to New Mexico to South Texas and back up through Amarillo and Albuquerque to Flagstaff.

I can tell you one thing for sure: Lots of people in the South have plenty of money to buy goods. I drove on two lane highways and interstates and the ratio of semi-trucks to cars was about twelve to one. Those trucks rumbled along five or six together at the top speed limit.

Now under those driving conditions I think you can agree that I had to stay alert and mindful of everything around me. None of that “Gosh, I don’t remember the last ten minutes of my drive to this turn-off.” I learned my lesson once when I discovered I had somehow managed to be heading the wrong direction on the interstate.

The thing that happened to me time and again as I stopped for fuel or food or lodging was intriguing: my mindfulness stayed with me and I found myself with a pronounced sense of awareness with the people I encountered. I felt a kindred spirit for the gas station attendants, or even people exiting the doors. I spoke to everyone I saw as if they were a neighbor or acquaintance of mine. You know what? Smiles came my way too and pleasant conversations and I so enjoyed complimenting good service or leaving a big fat tip for enthusiastic considerations for my requests.

I want to cultivate that awareness so that it is a part of me all the time, not just in meditation or prayer or stating daily affirmations. Big job for a former “monkey brain” like me but then I have always enjoyed the challenge of reaching goals I pursue.

I loved that wonderful feeling of unity with total strangers and I know that is what we are beginning to see as we all take our awareness with us wherever we go. As love for ourselves grows, so can love for our “neighbors” become more evident. Knowing we are all loved unconditionally by the Source of All (by any name or label) certainly has made a difference in how I see myself and others.

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