Our GO-TO Source

Our GO-TO Source


I recounted in my book, Mystery of Miracles, how I was instantaneously set free from debilitating manic depression during a spiritual encounter in my home after crying out for help.  This morning I was making my bed and recalled how that little action became a powerful force for change in my life. It was twenty years after that life changing encounter and I had been free from depression all that time. But I and my family had been dealt an  emotionally traumatic  situation involving my five year old granddaughter who was the apple of my eye. Thus I had noticed my joy had been slowly replaced with deep sorrow and the signs of depression were plaguing me.

One afternoon I had had enough and I took my fear and dread to the Lord. My concept of God had expanded at that time to believing there was only one Divine Creator who loved all creation, all people, without conditions of any kind, from all sects, religions or no religion. So I basically said, Father God, I see myself sinking back into that horrible dark depression and I don’t want to live through that again. Please, please help me get back the peace and joy I love so much.

I normally keep a clean and neat house, but there I was sitting on the side of my unmade bed, looking around at the messy bedroom; my dresser strewn with tissues and clutter. I put my face in my hands and moaned in despair over my inability to act responsibly.

Then mercifully came that familiar voice of Spirit:  “Make up your bed right now and every morning as soon as you arise. If that is all you can do today, it is okay, just commit right now to repeating it every morning.  Can you do that?”

Well, that was the beginning of  freedom from worry and anger over my situation before  dysfunctional behavior escalated into something more serious. It was not long before my house was in order and my life back on track as well, in spite of the family challenges we faced.

The reason I share this with you  is the wonder I felt today at remembering how simple it was to receive divine help by just asking.  We can call it being “conscious” or “going within,” or hearing that “still small voice.”  As long as we can be receptive and expecting (faith) then we have a great “go to” source of help available to us.

What a blessing!

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