My Train Dream

May 20, 2014

I decided to  share a vivid dream I had last week (a vivid dream is one that you remember always. It never fades from memory).

I was driving a white Mercedes which is a car that I bought in the mid 80’s when the oil industry had taken a downturn and the entire economy of Texas was in the tank. We were hanging on to our home and property by the skin of our teeth but we had to give up the company car. Thus I needed to replace our second car. My girlfriend was driving a diesel Mercedes and I was a little envious.  So I told God I wanted to find a used Mercedes and since I loved white cars I asked to please make it a white one.

A few days later I was looking in classified car ads and saw an ad for a white “cream puff” Mercedes. The car was actually at the nearby Mercedes  dealership.  I got it for a song and just loved driving it.

So that is the history of the car and the significance of it appearing in my dream. In the dream I was trying to maneuver that Mercedes along a tight place and the car slipped over the edge of a precipice and there I sat behind the wheel in a pit with dirt and rock sides all around me about five feet high. I said out loud to my self, “Well that’s it for the Mercedes. I will have to get another vehicle.” I sat there thinking about a replacement and saw in my mind’s eye, a beautiful passenger train. “Yeah, that’s the ticket,” I said. “Then I can take a lot of people with me wherever I go.”

I’m holding on to that vision and applying it to my books and movie script. I want to take a lot of people with me on this great journey, sharing the good news of God’s unconditional love for all, no matter your religion, your sect or non belief.  So that is my train dream.

I was really on a lone journey when I drove that Mercedes and my spiritual concepts were all about me and God together. I had been led to start a good news newspaper but I had no church, no spiritual friends and was trying to bloom where I was planted. Today here in Sedona is totally different and I feel a world wide compassion urging me to expand this message as much as I can. Hence, I need a train! Get it?

I  enjoy interpreting dreams. OMG, I just realized that is probably coming from the prophet Daniel who is on my prayer team. He was interpreting dreams for King Nebuchadnezzar in his time on Earth.  Also, on my team with Jesus is the angel Gabriel whose task was to bring MESSAGES to the ancient world.  Wow, this journey just gets more amazing all the time. I will stay on track and see these things come to fruition.

It was only this last year that I realized I was connecting not only with Jesus the Christ, but with departed “saints” when praying, meditating, and seeking God’s counsel in a matter. I would not have been receptive to that concept until I was awakened to the reality of our universal connection with God and one another. We are like  drops of ocean water and God is the entire ocean. When we have a personal encounter with the Divine, then the spark of divinity in us is ignited and our conscious journey begins. We begin to understand and experience the effects of this “knowing” consciousness  in our lives and we begin to see and facilitate miracles.  It is like a new birth because you see things from a different perspective. Being connected to such divine intelligence and power will of course have an effect on your direction in life. You learn about God’s unconditional love for all and so you begin to adjust your perceptions to fit that mold. You start forgiving and loving instead of hating and judging. You notice emotions of compassion and love for everyone you think of or encounter and you gleefully send forth those feelings  to them. You become more aligned with God and the universe and therefore experience synchronicity with other people and events. This helps propel you along on your path to fulfill the purpose of your soul.

So this is my journey and having a special connection with the prophet Daniel explains my life long curiosity about the coming events at  the end of this age of man on Earth. I could not accept religious doctrines of destruction and judgement or the popular belief in a “rapture” escape of worthy saints.  In the early eighties I conducted my own study in an effort to get to the truth. Christian religions and other sects all expounded on different beliefs and I knew they couldn’t all  be right. I ended up with my first manuscript titled The Last Generation (of this Age).  One of my conclusions was that a radical sect of Islam would strike New York City Centers of Commerce. I didn’t think too much about it at the time because the Middle East appeared to be moving towards peace between Egypt and Israel. Before I finished the study, however, I watched on TV as Shiite Muslims gunned down Anwar Sadat and I was dumbstruck at the timing.

I never tried to publish that manuscript. I gave it to two preachers I knew personally of different Christian denominations, expecting some feedback and they never acknowledged reading it. I finally asked them to return them to me and they arrived in the mail without comment.  I plan to dust off that manuscript and if so led, I will post parts of it on the website. It obviously contains some truth about coming events.

Which brings us to the significance of the angel Gabriel who was known for blowing his horn to announce messages. My venture into the newspaper business years ago was Spirit led and miraculous. It was a “good news” newspaper called simply The Herald. The significance of that name has just this moment hit me. How funny!  In the weekly newspaper I had a Bible verse and my editorial in every issue. I wrote uplifting messages about wholesome events in the community or commentary on issues from a positive perspective.  Not until writing about this dream did I connect the dots to my angel Gabriel who has graced my prayerful purposes and intentions with his presence. Do I understand how this is possible? Not perfectly, but I just know that nothing is impossible in God’s world.

Now I have social media, blogs and websites at my disposal. It is not easy to learn to navigate around these digital outlets, but I have good people here to help me, mortal and immortal, and I am grateful. Thank you all who are following and supporting my effort to share these messages of God’s unconditional love for all. As I learn ways to help us all move forward into a joyful, abundant life I will share as others are sharing with me.  I would love to hear from you if you care to leave some comments.

Have a blessed day!





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