Living in Synchronicity

Living in Synchronicity

I used to be amazed at the obvious synchronicity involved in events, especially where miracles manifested. I declare, I am seeing synchronicity so much these days, it is no longer supernatural, but a natural way of life.Obsidian stone and meaning

This morning I awoke sharply at 6 am, ready to get out and climb the Red Rocks of Sedona. Having come through a period of high energy and productive work for my higher purpose of sharing spiritually inspired messages, I needed to ground myself back to this Earthly existence.

Soon I found myself at the top of a rocky outcrop looking out at a vista of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte and the Airport Mesa. Ahhhhh, how calming the morning breeze was as it gently moved the loose tresses of my pinned up hair. I removed my hiking shoes and thick socks, then planted my bare feet on the ground, visualizing Mother Earth’s soothing energy rising up to fill my legs and then into my power centers; chakras anchoring me to this space considered sacred by indigenous tribes, not that long ago really.

After an hour or so, I headed back down and enjoyed breakfast with my beloved John. Next door was a rock shop I had never before noticed, nor had he even though he lives around the corner. So we stepped in to have a look. Oh my, what a wonderful surprise we encountered. Both of us are rock hounds and share an affinity for wood and the trees from which it comes.  The local Manzanita shrubs are considered sacred and John has a calling to give them new life worthy of their unusually beautiful bark and kingly bearing. He harvests mainly dead shrubs for his work, but has a permit for the rare live specimens he works on. John occasionally uses gemstones and other natural materials to enhance his artwork. So we felt like kids in a candy store.

I admired and examined many beautiful rocks and gemstones, taking time to properly appreciate this treat. Gratitude filled my heart as I “ooohed and awed” my way through the tiny shop, filled from top to bottom with nature’s treasures. Then I picked up the green Obsidian polished stone and kept it in the palm of my hand as I kept moving through the displays. Since I had no purse with me, I was only window shopping, making a note to return for some birthday gifts for family members. I finally asked John if he had $5 and purchased the stone. Reading the accompanying card that was placed in the bag, I was reminded how important it is to be aware and conscious of our time and place. You can read the card in the photo I included above.  As I discussed this with John, the sales lady told us about a “Chakra class” she was leading at the shop. I introduced myself and she gave me her card.

Well, dear readers, I will be attending Bernadette Laster’s upcoming class on the Third Chakra; just what I needed to strengthen for intentions and habits that serve my highest good. Wow, this lady is an Intuitive Healer, an Inspirational Speaker, Interspiritual Guide, a modern-day Mystic.

So I leave you with encouragement to stay mindful of your present moments so you do not miss opportunities to align with people, places, things that the Universe has brought together in synchronicity for our highest good. This is one of the great perks of our oneness with each other and our planet and of course with the Source of All That Is, by any name or label.



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