Joy Unspeakable

Joy Unspeakable

This morning I was listening to a teaching by Michael Mirdad recorded at Unity of Sedona The subject was defining and understanding the difference between joy and happiness. Joy is experienced while being in and of the presence of God (by any name or label) and so it is a deeper, more fulfilling emotion. Joy is also a more powerful emotion than happiness because as Michael explained, it will come back to you once you are responsible for igniting it in others. Happiness on the other hand is based on things, places, people in our lives; a good thing for sure and actually a companion to joy.

At the end of his teaching, Michael instructed his audience to “center in” remembering a time when they did or said something to someone in the past that evoked joy to that person. As I pondered back in time a memory returned to me that made me feel joy all over again, proving Michael’s point.  How deeply this incident was buried God only knows but it occurred in the early 80’s.

At the time I was a member of a small mainline church north of Houston, Texas. A tragedy had occurred to an acquaintance of mine who attended that church.  Her younger brother had committed suicide and of course she and her family were devastated. Somehow she and I were in a conversation about this, perhaps at my home where I facilitated a weekly prayer group.

As I listened to this young woman express stark fear for her departed brother, I wept with her in her agony. Because of her church teachings she and her family and friends believed that taking one’s own life would automatically result in being sent to hell. Although I was   then in a more religious mind set compared my inclusive spiritual views now, I none-the-less had not bought into the teaching about hell.

I remember reasoning out the situation with her that suicide obviously occurs when one is not in their right mind, in other words they are mentally ill. Would a God of Love hold someone accountable for an act done while they were mentally incapacitated?  Even our courts of law will not place a death sentence on a murderer found mentally unsound.

I then added in my favorite comparison I use when making the case for a God of Unconditional Love. Would you as a merely mortal imperfect parent sentence your own offspring to an eternity of suffering in a lake of fire for anything they had done, much less taking their own life in a state of mental agony

I still remember the searching look in her eyes as she looked right into me it seemed, and then … hope… followed by relief and gratitude filled her countenance. She was still suffering the loss of her brother but fear had been replaced with joy over the love of a heavenly Father.  Tears of joy were now filling my eyes as I remembered how we hugged and shared our love for a God of mercy.

As the tape ended Michael offered assurance that the joy we give out to others is returned to us now and in eternity after we leave these carnal natures behind. I sure did feel the joy again as I recalled that incident years ago.

It is a wonder to know that the joy we spread now is an eternal God-based experience for us and the recipients.  Let’s spread it around at every opportunity that comes our way.

Joy to the World!!



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