Joy to the World, Peace on Earth

Joy to the World, Peace on Earth

As I anticipate the ending of this year and the arrival of 2015, my thoughts have taken me to the most glorious gift the world has ever received: the birth of the Christ child –  the word Christ simply means “anointed one” and Jesus of Nazareth was truly anointed. He knew at a very early age that he was a son of God and not only that but as he explained in his teachings, we are all sons of a God of unconditional love (by any name or label). Jesus called the Source of All That Is, “Abba” (a term we would call our papa or our daddy). That is because we are sired or born out of our Creator God. “Like begets like,” and Jesus wanted us to know that we are begotten children. Animals beget animals; humans beget humans and gods begat gods. It just means we are of the same genre or kind. That is why when the followers of Jesus were so amazed at the miracles he did, Jesus told them in essence, “If you believe enough, you can do the same things I do, and even greater!”

This is why the angels sang at the birth of the Christ, as Savior of the World, foretold for centuries by prophets in many sects and tribes out of many nations. Down through the ages since that birth, inspired and devoted men and women have taken on the divine nature of God and martyred themselves or became great examples and even teachers of God’s unconditional love. Jesus of Nazareth was the forerunner and example for all. He denounced the religions of his day as missing the truth about God and said he himself was the way, the truth and the life.

Yes, and many man-made religions sprang up with their own versions of early writings or organized their set of conditions acceptable to their own brand of God, but still the power and love of Creator God has manifested through men and women who found within their own hearts that spark of divinity that is within us all and was “In the beginning” and “has no end.”

That was what we learned from historical accounts of “angels” heralding the Good news to All men everywhere, regardless of heritage or tribe or country. I am so full of joy and celebration over who we all are, of our oneness and our future union after leaving these bodies with their expiration dates.

The real “us,” the eternal, spiritual “us,” does not die: As our heavenly Father is, so are we: Divine, eternal creators we are. Now that is good news! Let’s proceed to create heaven on Earth, a place fit for a divine Kingdom of Unconditional Love. Let’s rejoice over the good news that our Father is not a cruel, unforgiving Being, as some men teach, but one of Divine, Eternal Love and we in all nations are He/She/Its  progeny. Let’s BE who we really are.

Merry Christmas!

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