Empowering our Regrets

Empowering our Regrets

I and so many of my friends and family are in or have been in a major transition in our lives for several months now. Some of us have experienced  that “separated from God” feeling as we stumbled our way through the “dark night of the soul,” even though intellectually we knew we were sustained and complete in God’s unconditional love.

As we struggle to get through to the other side of this dark season in our lives, one of the things we may be dealing with is the power of regrets that can keep us from enjoying the blessings from God’s presence. Perhaps we have made some “wrong” decisions recently or even long ago that have placed us on a wrong path. Here is where regrets can keep us in that dreadful “separated” state of mind, but not if we turn them around and let them work with us to step back onto the right path. One can only rise in consciousness as much as one has fallen, so leave behind thoughts of discontent and guilt and get busy moving up and onward.

Rumi QuoteI found that by looking honestly at my regretful actions it was clear that along with the complications have come some useful things.  There were also blessings resulting for me and others I involved in my choices. Thus I can more quickly step back into the reality of my union with God and proceed along my new path with exciting anticipation for what lies ahead.

Speaking of these new paths you may be facing on your own journey, I will share with you a great little tool to use when struggling to make the right decision, one that you can know is divinely directed. Michael Mirdad, spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, shared this little demonstration that caught my attention. I will always look for extra assurance when feeling indecisive with certain choices. This is very simple but I believe it will be useful for me and perhaps for you as well.

Place both palms together, vertically, visualizing which path to take. Do we go left, as we point our left hand out, or do we go right, as we point our hand to the right?  Then, rotate your palms horizontally, lifting the top palm straight up as one way to proceed, or dropping the bottom palm down, as the opposite way to go. Which decision takes us UP, serving our higher purpose in life as one with the Divine? And which decision takes us DOWN, towards our mortal ego driven life?

My prayer is that you are now or soon will be on your destined path in our blessed journey to play our part in manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven from our united hearts and onto our beautiful planet.

Peace, love, joy and abundance to all my brothers and sisters who are now or soon will be hearing the call from our God of Unconditional Love (by any name or label.)  And so it is.



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