Diversity, the Joy of Creation

Diversity, the Joy of Creation


Seeing the variety of beautiful flowers in a Facebook posting prompted a memory from my past about God’s obvious delight for diversity in our world.

I had joined a Bible Study group in Texas and some of  us  traveled to Detroit one weekend for a retreat with a small group of Christian believers. The first meeting was a “get acquainted” time for any who wanted to introduce themselves and give testimony to their faith or share an experience, etc.

I watched and listened to several heartfelt, inspiring messages from the group of African American women there. I could not remember ever being in an all “black” gathering and was enjoying the experience, admiring their bright clothing and stunning hats and hair styles.

Growing up in South Texas I was very familiar and comfortable with the Hispanic culture and could speak conversational Spanish. There was really no great divide in our schools and towns, the population being as mixed as it was at the time. But these days, when I head south from Houston, it is obvious that Hispanics are in the definite majority from elected offices, education, and everything else. The culture has shifted dramatically.

So getting back to the time of my visit to Detroit, I was very aware of being in the minority in that group of ladies. I was also aware of a very uncomfortable feeling within me. I believe it came from a childhood time when “white folks” looked down on Negro’s (the proper term in use at that time) as inferior. Knowing that the God I loved was “no respecter of persons,” I began to struggle with my feelings until the loving Spirit of God began speaking to my heart.

There is One Creator God, residing in us all, whether we are aware and/or receptive or not. So there is no inferior or superior in creation, but there is variety and therein is the Creator’s delight! I was then given a vision of a large bouquet of flowers of every kind and color: lilies, roses, petunias, daisies, daffodils, pansies, bird of paradise – you name it– and it was spectacular!

After everyone had spoken, I walked to the front and shared my vision of the beautiful bouquet of flowers and the meeting ended. Then a love fest like none I have every experienced began as we all hugged one another and tears of joy and feelings of love permeated, it seemed, my every cell. Any prejudice hiding in my soul left that night and has never returned. Later when I retired to my bed, tears of love continued to flow from my eyes for some before I finally fell asleep.

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