Carrot or Stick?

Carrot or Stick?


As I was praying this morning to our Good God, my thoughts went as they usually do these days, to those in the world still trying to please their “brand” of God. So again, my message goes out to declare that there is One God of Unconditional Love, no matter what name or label is used to distinguish that Divine, Infinite One.  I hope your heart is open to listen as I make my case again.

I think most people understand the significance of my title, Carrot or Stick, used to persuade an animal to move forward. It is a metaphor for reward or punishment. But isn’t it also what has been taught in all religions and sects from the beginning of time and still to this day?

Over two thousand years ago there was born one of us with a different voice,  Jesus of Nazareth, speaking as a “son of God.”   His message of forgiveness and sonship of all mankind from a loving Father was hijacked by organized religions.  As that age of humanity comes to a close, we now look forward to the manifestation of God’s kingdom on Earth, propelled by Truth that sets us free from erroneous teachings.

So to the point, do you really want to place your trust in a Divine Being who buys your devotion with promises of treasures, such as: golden streets or ten young virgins or special membership in the “by and by?”  We as mere mortals can hold out a carrot and get the same conditional, human love.

On the other hand, would you rather follow the dictates of a Vengeful God who captured your devotion and obedience through threats of violent death, damnation or eternal torture? My heart cries to tell you, I believed that as a child but with maturity I put away childish things.  Such urging with a “stick” can only produce compliance through fear, hardly a Divine attribute.

Jesus of Nazareth knew the nature of his Father in Heaven and we can also.  His pleading words that we (those who believe) might all be one as He and the Father are one ring true in my heart. Jesus demonstrated what unconditional love and forgiveness of our Father looks like when he suffered brutal, humiliating torture, but forgave his torturers with his dying breath.

We can give our devotion to one who loves us, not because we want some promised treasures, and not because we fear retribution, but because we know that Divine love is truly unconditional. Then the joy and blessings come because we know we are the prodigy of a loving Creator, powerful and trustworthy, and so we proudly proclaim our heritage as sons and daughters of the God of All That Is.  We no longer need be separated by leaders of religions and sects. Pray with me that this truth be received into their hearts that they may know that Jesus came to announce to the world that we are ALL members of one family of God Almighty and as such we are also co—creators. Let’s create peace with thoughts and words of oneness, no longer separated from our Divine family. I love you, brothers and sister around the world. I feel a kindred spirit that fills me with joy unspeakable.

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