An Ostrich I Am Not


After a productive day organizing my new study, I sat down to supper with the T.V. for company and was delighted to find Dr. Dyer promoting his new book, Mastering the Art of Manifesting.  He was emphasizing that whatever one is trying to manifest, it must feel right for the person you are. His example was the question from a young man, 5’7” and 140 lbs. who wanted to know that if he followed all the suggestions in Dyer’s book could he then expect to play linebacker for a national football team. Dyer asked him if that would feel “right” to him, and the answer was a resounding “No.”

I think we can all understand that point. We should not be trying to achieve something that doesn’t even feel right for who we are. For instance, I am looking forward to enhancing my writing projects by giving more time to service for others as a priority and this feels wonderful to me. Over the years I have been blessed at times to  facilitate  healing, teaching, and counseling.  I am really excited and anticipating even more joy in my life as I seek to prioritize my time and God given gifts to bless others. It “feels right.”

Dr. Dyer then related an incident from his own life that  emphasized something that  has been at the forefront of my thinking for several months. He told the audience how he had been trying, unsuccessfully, to manifest a certain thing in his life and was questioning Spirit why that had not materialized. He was given the following explanation: As long as you have any criticism, judgment or condemnation towards any of God’s children you will not be able to manifest what you are wanting in your life. (Note: Naturally this applies to our own selves as well)

Upon hearing this, I immediately applied it to situations heavily on my mind:  that is the terrorism and other so called evils we see inflicted on mankind around the world and in every nation.  Friends or counselors telling me it is just an illusion or that the victims choose to be born to suffer atrocities does not relieve my grief or the overwhelming compassion I feel.

Since I am a retired journalist and called to inform and be a “watchdog for society,” I have begun to share my own response to these horrific news accounts from the Middle East.  I encourage other like-minded souls to join me in recognizing the perpetrators “cry for love,” and urge you all to join me in sending them wisdom, understanding and truth to replace the lies and fear they are operating under as they spread their terror.

I pray  every morning that they will receive the truth that we are brothers and sisters created by One Source of All,  no matter what name or label. I pray that leaders of religions and sects will begin to teach their followers that God is not “out there somewhere judging and condemning us” if we do not follow their rules of behavior, but instead loves us unconditionally as any  sane parent would do. Religions have many things in common,  most insidious is the “carrot and stick” concept to the faithful: the “carrot” being an earned eternal paradise in some form from golden streets to luscious gardens and even “virgins” for the faithful men (not sure what the females get). So then the “stick” to keep converts in line is some form of eternal torture or death.   I say, reject any idea or course of action based on FEAR. God is all about pure LOVE, which means “unconditional” even to our human rational.

These beliefs instilled in childhood remain very strong and it is this we have to dislodge from our minds ( going within as Jesus taught in order to “see” the kingdom of God). As we replace these false teachings with truth of a loving, Creator God, we can then pray for the same enlightenment to come to our brothers and sisters still living and acting out of  fear and darkness.  Instead of dividing us by rules that come from hundreds of different “Gods,” I pray they will receive the truth that there is ONE Creator to whom we all interconnected.

And so, I move forward with a little more understanding of my appointed approach to what I see happening in our world. I am beginning to see that unconditional love means that God’s son (that is all mankind) is guiltless.  A Course in Miracles states, “mankind’s  innocence is his salvation.”

I am learning not to criticize, judge, condemn myself or others for the harm we inflict, I just ask forgiveness for all of us because we are as one and we need more love and less fear and judgment in our hearts.  This feels right for me and if it feels right for you, brother or sister, I will be right there with you in prayer.




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