Reconnect and Heal

This true story is for those who remember the Charismatic movement in the churches during the 70’s and 80’s.    It serves as a guide for the manifestation of a three-fold miracle and demonstrates the facilitating power we all can have just by listening and then taking action.

A lady I know well (we will call her Ann) had three grown step-daughters and the youngest, Dawn, was living with her and her second husband in the Houston area. Another step-daughter, Grace, lived in Ft. Worth.

Ann, Dawn and Grace along with two of Ann’s friends were attending a Women’s retreat in the fall of 1980 in Palestine, Texas. The speaker was an evangelist named Doug Wead whose specialty was “word of knowledge,” a term for one of the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the Bible.  During the meetings this man would speak to women he picked randomly out of the audience and give them messages about themselves or situations they were experiencing at the time. His claim was that the Holy Spirit moved through him to address these ladies’ questions or concerns.

Ann had received several “gifts” herself after an encounter she had with the Spirit of Christ. She had facilitated in healings for herself and others, she “prayed in tongues,” she was a Bible teacher, but she had never asked for any gifts the way she knew others in the Charismatic movement were doing. Her gifts had just been endowed upon her after her life-changing experience of receiving the Holy Spirit into her life.

Zion Tree Trunk with sunAnn was impressed with this “gift” of word of knowledge. The last day of the retreat, she walked out through the beautiful autumn leaves scattered under the trees and prayed for safes trips back home for all the attendees. Then she found herself asking something like, “Lord, if it is okay with you, I would really like to experience this word of knowledge ability.” She then returned to her car and helped the others load their luggage.  Grace drove up in her car and got out to say goodbye. She pulled Ann aside and confided that she was disappointed in the retreat. She then explained that she had been asking for the “gift of tongues” ever since her “baptism in the Holy Spirit.” It seems her husband and his family all had this gift, and she had hoped to receive it at the retreat.

Ann began explaining that she understood the Holy Spirit gave gifts to some and not to others. Grace then confessed that some of her friends in traditional church believed that “tongues” was not from God and might even be from the devil.  Ann saw the problem right away and explained to Grace that as long as she had doubts about the origin of the gift, she would not receive it.

“God would never give you anything that would bring fear to you,” Ann said, ”so just believe that if it is a good thing for you personally to have, the Holy Spirit will bring it to you. There is a scripture you can share with your friends that says something like, ‘If a child asks for bread, Father will not give that child a stone.’ So it is with us,” Ann said as she gave Grace a hug and sent her on her way.

About thirty minutes into the drive towards Houston, Ann was silently thanking God for the feelings of love and joy enveloping her as she drove under a beautiful blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds.  Suddenly, into her mind came the following message:

“Grace is asking me for the gift of tongues. I want you all to pray for her right now.”

Without hesitation, Ann spoke to the three who were chattering away in the car, explaining what she had “heard” and so they all began praying for Grace.  After a few minutes, Ann got a second message: “Grace has just received a beautiful prayer language.  She is praising me with it right now. I am going to take her all the way home  about ten feet off the ground.”

Ann related the message to the others and noticed that Dawn looked down at her watch to note the time. Dawn was a devout member of a traditional church but she was very open to the Holy Spirit movement she was observing in some of the churches and in Ann’s home life.

Later after dropping off her friends and unloading the car, Ann went to answer the ringing telephone, finding it to be Grace calling from Ft. Worth.

“Yes, we know, Grace,” Ann explained. “Listen I was asking to experience the gift of the Word of Knowledge and I was given that gift when the Holy Spirit told us you were praying and asked us to pray for you. Then we were told the minute you got your prayer language.”

Suddenly Dawn was standing by listening as Grace excitedly told how she had received her prayer language in the car.

Dawn then took the phone and Grace told her, “Now I can assure my friends it is from God.”

Dawn then asked Grace what time this had happened and after a moment she turned to Ann, to repeat what she had heard, a look of awe on her face,. “Grace says that she felt like the car wasn’t even on the road but ten feet up in the air  all the way to Ft. Worth.”

Some of you may think it questionable to teach a formula for miracles, but time and again I have seen this pattern unfold prior to miracles. We play a vital role in manifesting miracles as this event demonstrates. We hear from Spirit, most likely from the right side of our brains, and then we make a decision to believe in the source as God  (by any other name or label). Next we decide to obey instructions that are given or sometimes it is just a knowing from our heart that something unseen is true (metaphysical). The final step is to take action, thus fulfilling our part in facilitating the miraculous event.

I know the Almighty is all powerful, and I know that we can reconnect to that power from within and effectively join in manifesting  miracles. Without understanding and believing this , we obviously cannot  take advantage of  it. If I tell you I have a box of cash in my closet that is yours and you never come to claim it then it might as well not exist. That has been the reality for many of us most of our lives. I am  grateful that I have finally claimed my gifts and put them to good use. I also know there are multitudes like me now awakening and claiming their treasures as well and all of humanity is benefiting. This is our inheritance as children of God, all of us born on this planet. The sooner we all get the message, the sooner we will see more and more of heaven on Earth.

Everyone involved in this miraculous incident decades ago had their faith and understanding of God strengthened. Ann was blessed to receive a gift she had asked for and it would be used at times for the rest of her life to bless others. Dawn was reassured that the Charismatic movement was a divinely based outpouring from Holy Spirit. Grace was free to enjoy her gift of prayer as a divine blessing from God.  All the women were rewarded for their obedience to do as they were asked. Our rewards for facilitating miracles are peace, love, joy and abundance. Who wouldn’t want that?

Doug Wead went on years later to serve in the Whitehouse as Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Protocol.  I don’t know if he is back in the ministry or not, but I am thankful that he was there in Palestine to play his role in the manifestation of these miracles.



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