Sun Breeze Essential Oil

I have never shared my Sun Breeze oil with someone in pain who did not come back to me and want to know how to get a bottle for themselves.  It is presented by Sunrider products as a soothing balm or oil for massages or tired muscles. For me and my friends it has been a lot more. It is great for sore muscles or spasms like in the middle of the night when you get a painful “charley horse.”  You may have to be from my age group to know what I’m talking about. But my son and I have both used it for pinched nerves as well.

I have always found the oil to be instantly effective in bringing relief. A side benefit is how it will instantly open up your nasal passage by simply taking a whiff from the hand you used to apply it to your skin.  You can have a refreshing experience by massaging a few drops to your neck, muscles or temples, but in this case I add the Sun Breeze to another oil like massage or baby oil to dilute the strength.

I must prepare you for the package of 6 bottles in a package, each one is only 5 ml, a tiny bottle. Believe me, there is a lot of amazing relief packed into those little bottles and you will probably be like me, sharing it with others when you see them in pain. No one seems to mind paying $15 a bottle when they see how effective the Sun Breeze oil is for them.

To purchase Sun Breeze just click on the Sunrider link at the bottom of the page and it will take you to their site. Let me know how you like it.

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