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With increasing knowledge on how exercise and certain foods affect our bodies, most of us are on a campaign to maximize this information towards healthier bodies and therefore a happier state of mind. In today’s world, beset with turmoil and violence, it becomes quite the challenge to maintain a joyful attitude in our hearts and minds.  It is no longer as easy as turning off the TV and radio. We are confronted daily with a barrage of current events via Face book, Twitter and You Tube, not to mention emails from friend and foe.

I personally believe staying informed as to current events is important to motivating us toward effective prayer for those people or situations in need of our compassion and loving light. How else can we offer our physical or financial help where needed? Darkness is expelled by the light of our intentions and expectations, but most of all unconditional love.

When we project ourselves into the problems around us we can know we have taken responsibility and impacted the situations for good with our love based actions.

Knowing we have reached out to mankind in their time of need releases us to move through out the day with a joyful heart and loving thoughts for others. Instead of wringing our hands or filling our minds with resentment we are free to enjoy friends and loved ones, laugh at life when appropriate.

The resulting joy we produce will contribute mentally and physically to our daily dose of health.

Enjoy this excerpt taken from Laughter for a Woman’s Soul:

When God said a joyful heart is good medicine, I believe he was literal in his meaning.

A researcher named Jonathan Leake has discovered how a group of life-enhancing chemicals are triggered by laughter. These hormones are so powerful; they can energize a person’s entire immune system and help it ward off diseases, including the common cold or flu.

Arthur Stone, a professor of psycho neural immunology, has published a paper outlining the most conclusive evidence yet of a link between laughter and blood levels of immunoglobulin A (This helps people fight illness by marking invading bacteria and viruses for destruction by white blood cells.) Melancholy people had higher levels of cortisones which are associated with stress and can damage people’s ability to fight disease. Only now is the role of their uplifting counterparts, the cytokines, beginning to be understood.

God has given us a prescription for joy. All we have to do is fill the prescription.

­­­~ Marilyn Meberg

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