New Warnings About Sugar

New Warnings About Sugar

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Having decided I should watch my sugar intake, I had opportunity to listen to an interview with Dr. Perlmutter, MD/Neurologist and author of Grain Brain. I am compelled to share some of the highlights in case some of you are unaware, as was I, of the importance of eliminating most sources of sugar , in order to maintain  sharp mental faculties.

Sugar also adversely affects our heart and the propensity to contract cancer of all types, but the focus here is how this ingredient found in almost all foods can be toxic to our brains. As we are getting older we want to ward off dementia and or Alzheimer’s, but Perlmutter advocates making these lifestyle choices as preventive measures at any age.

The doctor first stressed that contrary to popular belief, dietary fat is essential for a healthy brain and he worries about all the people eating everything “low fat,” trying to “be healthy.” The foods he recommends are: olive oil, avocados, nuts, coconut oil, range fed beef, free range eggs (with yolk) and of course fresh vegetables.  I am sure he alarmed many health enthusiasts out there who have their freshly squeezed orange juice every morning.  It seems there is the same amount of sugar in that 8 oz glass as two glasses of cola soda. Yikes!

Aerobic exercise is also vital to a healthy brain and the doctor revealed new research that proves that exercise and foods actually can change our DNA and it is possible for the brain to grow back cells in areas of the brain. Wow, if that doesn’t motivate you to check out your diet and exercise regimen, then nothing will. I just prepared and ate the best salad I have ever eaten and my body is singing its praises.

Rather than listing the supplements Dr. Perlmutter advised for a healthy brain, I recommend you get his book, Grain Brain. We owe it to ourselves to seek out new ways through research and insight to become proactive in maintaining a healthy body.

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