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Let’s get and STAY healthy in Spirit, Mind & Body

At times I have found it difficult to maintain a state of well being in my spirit, my mind and my body.   Being an Alpha Aries woman it is hard for me to keep routines in any form. To align with my intention and expectation to be healthy I must be balanced and maintain a rhythm in my daily life. With this website I will be sharing what I have found to be effective through my personal use of various methods and products.

Of primary importance is maintaining a healthy relationship with Spirit Parent (whatever name or label you may use for the God of Unconditional Love). We do this through meditation, prayer, reading Spirit imbued writings and books and most important being “connected”or in alignment to receive guidance, direction and love.

Next we must nourish and guard our thoughts, especially our subconscious thinking that can sabotage our very lives if not harnessed. I will be sharing some websites and authors who have been brought by Spirit across my path and have literally helped rescue me from a life of struggle and pain to one of joy and abundance. Then there are affirmations, meditations, and mind reprogramming methods that can be very effective in transforming us into who we really want to be: happy, respected, admired and loved people.

Where would we be without a healthy body?  Our bodies requiring proper nutrition, exercise and cleansing in order to get us through the demands and journeys of our life purpose. My posts will feature regenerating products to keep us living healthy and productive lives without relying solely on the overwhelmed and expensive medical and pharmaceutical industries. Among these are products from Sunrider Corp in California. Their link will have a permanent place here so you may try any products of interest to you.
Here is a brief description by the company’s founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, about his “philosophy of regeneration.”

The Chinese concept of yin and yang is the fundamental principle of life. It’s breathing in and breathing out, sleeping and waking, growing and receding. Sunrider’s philosophy is to maintain the equilibrium, or balance, between yin and yang for optimal health. Our products nourish (yin) and cleanse (yang) your body so it reaches balance.

I thought I could never give up my morning coffee until I tried the Sunrider herbal tea, called Calli. I credit this product for freedom from that caffeine addiction and more importantly ridding my body of many unwanted and dangerous cells. My body seems to sing every morning with my herbal tea, knowing its cleansing power is about to go to work. You can check out these outstanding products on their website posted below.

And so, I will enjoy sharing all these things from my journey that began years ago in Texas and now has brought me to beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Check back soon and in the meantime,
Live as if you are never going to die.

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