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We Are What We Think

            I was awakened this morning with a dream in which each scene had colored boxes stacked around in various places. The boxes were baby blue and baby pink. I looked up the colors to make sure I was getting the correct message from Spirit. I am often awakened and signaled for upcoming messages by vivid colors amongst a black and white dream.

So this morning the colors represented ‘spiritual” for the blue and “love” for the pink, thus: “Spiritual Love.”  After rising and going to my guest room where I pray and meditate, I began having thoughts of how to communicate with readers of my blog. Communication is always preceded by thought, as is action, and that is what I want to address today.

James Allen stated in his book, As a Man Thinketh:

“The Book of Proverbs (23;7) proclaims, ‘As a man thinks in his heart so is he.’ This adage reaches out to every condition and circumstance of human endeavor. Each of us is literally what we think, our character being the complete sum of all our thoughts.”

I have been writing all my life, putting thoughts down on paper. I remember a class assignment in fifth grade in which I had to write a poem. My family was in a crisis at the time and so my troubled thoughts were reflected in the simple poem about a rose whose beautiful red petal was pierced by its own thorn. I came across that poem a few years back in a box of memorabilia. I had drawn a picture of the rose with that thorn sticking through the petal. The sight of that poem produced compassion within me for the little girl who wrote it and for all the suffering children in the world. Many years later that little girl began to renew, reprogram her thoughts thereby changing her reality and that of others. This is our future. We can and will all do this for ourselves and one another. One for all and all for one as the famous Musketeers cheered. Are you onboard with me?

It is easy to become wearied at the seemingly escalating disgusting conditions around us. Communication technologies have brought global suffering to our attention like never before. We are bombarded with bad news and conditions twenty-four hours a day on smart phones, TV’s and internet. But guess what! We can turn these harbingers of bad news to our advantage. I’m going to share that GOOD news with you today and every day on this blog.

Because mankind is imperfect, societies found they needed to establish laws for acceptable behavior and punishments for those who broke those laws. The lady who held the scales of justice was blindfolded in an attempt to uphold the law for all regardless of stature or position, race or culture.

Alas, human nature being what it is, justice is thwarted all too often by those ruthless with money or power to either bribe or threaten away any just punishment for themselves or their favored ones. And so we live in a world of injustice that breeds judgment and hate toward our fellowman.  Can we agree that “like begets like” in this world?  Another way to say this is “You reap what you sow,” or “You are what you think.”

So what is our plan of action to change this situation? Because we are many and growing stronger every day, we have tremendously more power than the few ruthless, misguided ones and we can turn the tide IF we take appropriate action. Who are we? We are those who experience a connection with our Spirit Parent by any name or label be it God, Jehovah, Allah or Hare Krishna, Chi or just Life Force. We are children of the God of Unconditional Love and that is what we must extend to all our earthly brothers and sisters until they too know who they are and can think and act accordingly.

If you are new to this point of view about Spiritual Love, you can Google up Agape Love or Love of God and I’m sure you will find many references to this type of Love that demands no requirements but is freely given without expecting to be returned.

My next blog will go into practical methods of reprogramming our thinking to reflect this kind of love. We will turn former thoughts of hate or disdain into encouraging, constructive thoughts of peace, love and abundance of goodness. This collective thought-power travels instantly, affecting those to whom we direct it as well as ourselves. Now our thoughts will be constructive and life-giving.  It may be a struggle to even accept this type of love for yourself. It was and is for me, but let’s get on the path together and go forward to make the world a better place for us all.

I’ll be thinking of you.




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