Thanksgiving Thoughts and a Tragic Death

Thanksgiving Thoughts and a Tragic Death

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I will never call this day “Turkey Day” because I know the power of our words. “Gratitude” or “thanks” or “giving” are uplifting power words. They have a higher vibration of light and our words do not return to us void. Whatever we say and think transforms us into something either good or bad, and also those who read or receive our words

On my mind today is a prayer that the protesting and angry African American community will begin to see themselves as just Americans as I believe the majority of us all do. Instead of setting themselves apart I hope they will recognize that most of their fellow Americans are trying to include them as wanting what we all want: a good and decent opportunity to work for a living to meet our needs and educate our children properly and save money for special things and a proper retirement, or open a business or move up the ladder of success in our choice of career or labor. Many black “leaders” and even our President seem to be stoking unrest and trying to return to past times of suppression in our history.

It is a fact that the majority of Americans of all race and culture in this nation have accepted and encouraged and voted African Americans to the highest and most esteemed places of leadership in our land: policemen, sheriffs, district attorneys, detectives, CEO’s,teachers, professors, governors, senators, representatives, Secretaries of Defense, Secretaries of State, U.S. Attorney Generals, Armed Services officers, and now the highest office on Earth: President of the United States.

African Americans made up 13% of the population on Emancipation Day and they hold that same percentage today. This dearth of population has not deterred our fellow citizens from demonstrating, through our actions, that we are not the racists of our forefathers or our parents/grandparents. Watching the rioting against innocent Americans is disheartening and painful, but I believe that the majority of African Americans are grateful for the opportunities and blessings afforded all who call America HOME. I am hoping they will step up and let their voices be heard over the vitriol and destruction we are seeing.

Someone  noted that I did not speak to the tragedy of the death of this teenager in Ferguson. I know from experience as a mother of three sons that it is our nature to take some of the blame when our children make wrong and harmful decisions to themselves and others. But we cannot take on the responsibilities for their actions nor live their lives for them.

If my 18 year old son was doing drugs as this young man reportedly had in his blood and was robbing a store and pushing around proprietors and then failed to respond to orders of a policeman and even tried to get his gun and beat on him, then I would of course mourn his tragic death. But I would also hold him responsible for his actions and having taught him to respect himself and others would consider him very foolish to have put himself in that situation. I think it is the role of black parents and those in authority to teach youngsters to respect the law officers regardless of race. There are not enough African Americans to increase their numbers in law enforcement so we must depend on other races to fill these positions. If we are going to decrease the rate of murder and death to young black men, we must look to their own communities where most senseless deaths occur and the role of their mentors and parents. I hope American parents of all races can see the importance of parental training in the home and then hold them accountable for their own actions as they become adults. So there you have my point of view and I do pray for God’s comfort to enfold this family as they grieve the fate of their son. I  pray that love and forgiveness will fill our hearts for one another regardless of race, religion or origin. Peace and good will to all in America and around the world.

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