Spirit of Unity on the Move

Spirit of Unity on the Move

I posted a blog several months back about a virtual dream I had. I was exchanging my car for a larger vehicle to hold all the new passengers that would be arriving. It seems there is a world wide movement through media of all kinds of people from nations, cultures, religions, sects to UNITE with one purpose. No longer content to be separated by previous forces and conditions, we are focused on bringing real peace,  honor,  respect and Divine love to all mankind. We are gathering at a crossroads and choosing a united path to co-create peace and goodwill in our world.

Here is the dream and some further comments I added today:

I was driving a white Mercedes, a car I bought in the mid 80’s when the oil industry had taken a downturn and the entire economy of Texas was in the tank. We were hanging on to our home and property by the skin of our teeth but we had to give up the company car. Thus I needed to replace our second car. My girlfriend was driving a diesel Mercedes and I just loved it. So I told God I wanted to find a used Mercedes and since I loved white cars I said to please make it a white one.

A few days later I was looking in classified car ads and saw an ad for a white “cream puff” Mercedes at the Mercedes Benz dealership nearby.  I got it for a song and just loved driving it.

So that is the history of the car and the significance of it appearing in my dream.  Today I drive a white Solora rag top and the Mercedes is long gone.  But in my dream I was trying to maneuver that Mercedes along a tight place when the car slipped over the edge of a precipice and there I sat behind the wheel in a pit with dirt and rock sides all around me about five feet high. I said out loud to my self, “Well that’s it for the Mercedes. I will have to get another vehicle.” I sat there thinking about a replacement and saw in my mind’s eye, a beautiful passenger train. “Yeah, that’s the ticket,” I said. “Then I can take a lot of people with me wherever I go.”

I’m holding on to that vision and applying it to my books and movie script. I want to take a lot of people with me on this great journey, sharing the good news of God’s unconditional love for all, no matter your religion, your sect or non belief

I was really on a lone journey when I drove that Mercedes and my spiritual concepts were all about me and God together. I had been led to start a “good news” newspaper but I had no church, no spiritual friends and was trying to bloom where I was planted. Today here in Sedona is totally different and I feel a world wide compassion urging me to expand this message as much as I can. Hence, I need a train! Get it?

All aboard people: Join the rest of us on a journey to align ourselves with God so closely that we are co-creating the lives we want for ourselves and for our fellow man. Jesus told us thousands of years ago that the Kingdom of Heaven was within US. Yes, it is within every one of us regardless of what religion or culture or land we were born and raised in. We must quit waiting for the by and by and each do our part to manifest heaven on Earth.  Jesus did not start a new religion out of his Jewish roots. He tried to unite all people with his inclusive messages, and he did it as long as he could.

There is a new book being promoted on line which I am now reading. It will take me a while to get through over 700 pages, but it is captivating and carries a liberating message of unity.

However Spirit is calling you to join the worldwide unified movement, I salute you and please know I pray every day for our paths to be blessed as we move forward to peace, love and joy in our world.



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