Reconnect and Heal

This true story is for those who remember the Charismatic movement in the churches during the 70’s and 80’s.    It serves as a guide for the manifestation of a three-fold miracle and demonstrates the facilitating power we all can have just by listening and then taking action. A lady I know well (we will call her Ann) had three grown step-daughters and the youngest, Dawn, was living with her and her second husband in the Houston area. Another step-daughter, Grace, lived in Ft. Worth. Ann, Dawn and Grace along with two of Ann’s friends were attending a Women’s retreat in the fall of 1980 in Palestine, Texas. The speaker was an evangelist named Doug Wead whose specialty was “word of knowledge,” a term for one of the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the Bible. ...

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Ask and Trust

I’m sharing this story to illustrate how simple acts of trust can change lives all around us. Do you know how fortunate we are to have an unseen force that we are connected to and that this super intelligent power wants only the best for us at all times? Here is one little tale to bring home my point. In the late 70’s my family moved to Kingwood and joined a little Methodist church. We made lots of good friends as membership expanded to the point of needing a new sanctuary. I volunteered one year to teach the 5th and 6th grade Sunday school class. Little did I know at the time what challenge awaited me involving a mentally challenged boy who attended every Sunday.  Keith walked to church alone and I don’t believe anyone had ever met his parents. I came to that...

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Those Strange Circles

My brother and I stopped dead in our tracks as we found ourselves staring out at three strange circles outlined in the salt grass surrounding the lake in our pasture. The circles, approximately thirty feet in diameter, consisted of flattened, dead, yellowed grass defined by the stately green grass in which they lay. Perhaps we wouldn’t have been so surprised coming upon this strange sight on our way to gather the cows for milking, had we not been at this very spot the afternoon before and noticed nothing unusual. Twelve-year old Philip spoke first. “Wow, where did these come from” These weren’t here yesterday. What made these circles?” Suddenly feeling wary in the middle of 400 acres of South Texas pastureland I peered out at the surrounding groves of mesquite...

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