Religions Need to Lighten Up

Today in a discussion with a Facebook pal, I recalled an unusual incident from my adolescent past that triggered another memory from early adulthood. Both incidents happened in a religious setting although as a child I had no regular church attendance. I think you will find them interesting, and even humorous especially if you can “lighten up” coming from a religious background, Christian or otherwise. The first incident was my baptism in a creek the summer I turned twelve. My mother belonged to a small denomination called the Church of God of Abrahamic Faith.  The Seminary for training clergy was located in Illinois but there were two small churches established in Texas; one on the northern border of Texas and one near the Mexican border in South...

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Sadhguru, Yogi and Mystic

I listened to an exhilarating YouTube video this week by Yogi Sadhguru. He began by speaking to the transforming power of meditation with these equally powerful words: “If America meditates, the whole world meditates.” As I read his words again, they still fill me with hope and pride. You see, he was saying the world follows America: what a responsibility and an opportunity at the same time.  The yogi went on to explain how America could bring the world together through an inclusive process as opposed to an exclusive one that divides by the concept of good and bad. As he explained further how we become one with life it became clear he was speaking of the nature of life on our planet as an inclusive process.  The trees exhale out oxygen which we inhale and then...

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Miracles Book Review

  Many of you have written to let me know how much you enjoyed reading The Mystery of Miracles. Most of you consider it a “page turner” and I suppose the episodes I used to make my points are engaging on the unusual side.  Yes, as an ordinary person, I managed to lead an extraordinary life of both wonderful and horrible experiences.  I value them all because eventually I learned from them how to live abundantly in joy and peace. It occurs to me that many of my stories appeal to those who are now or may at some time encounter their own challenging experiences. This probably includes us all and the message that we have a source available for times of trouble is what blesses me with peace every day. Thank goodness we have access to those with training and...

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Soul Rx

  With increasing knowledge on how exercise and certain foods affect our bodies, most of us are on a campaign to maximize this information towards healthier bodies and therefore a happier state of mind. In today’s world, beset with turmoil and violence, it becomes quite the challenge to maintain a joyful attitude in our hearts and minds.  It is no longer as easy as turning off the TV and radio. We are confronted daily with a barrage of current events via Face book, Twitter and You Tube, not to mention emails from friend and foe. I personally believe staying informed as to current events is important to motivating us toward effective prayer for those people or situations in need of our compassion and loving light. How else can we offer our physical or...

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