My Train Dream

May 20, 2014 I decided to  share a vivid dream I had last week (a vivid dream is one that you remember always. It never fades from memory). I was driving a white Mercedes which is a car that I bought in the mid 80’s when the oil industry had taken a downturn and the entire economy of Texas was in the tank. We were hanging on to our home and property by the skin of our teeth but we had to give up the company car. Thus I needed to replace our second car. My girlfriend was driving a diesel Mercedes and I was a little envious.  So I told God I wanted to find a used Mercedes and since I loved white cars I asked to please make it a white one. A few days later I was looking in classified car ads and saw an ad for a white “cream puff” Mercedes. The car was actually at...

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Sun Breeze Essential Oil

I have never shared my Sun Breeze oil with someone in pain who did not come back to me and want to know how to get a bottle for themselves.  It is presented by Sunrider products as a soothing balm or oil for massages or tired muscles. For me and my friends it has been a lot more. It is great for sore muscles or spasms like in the middle of the night when you get a painful “charley horse.”  You may have to be from my age group to know what I’m talking about. But my son and I have both used it for pinched nerves as well. I have always found the oil to be instantly effective in bringing relief. A side benefit is how it will instantly open up your nasal passage by simply taking a whiff from the hand you used to apply it to your skin.  You can have a...

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Is Mother’s Day Just For Mother’s ?

Facebook was filled today with well wishes for mothers and grandmothers and all kinds of motherhood, even for pet owners. It was a day of focus on love and appreciation and what a delight to see the many beautiful expressions of that love.My thoughts went to the Divine and the understanding that God is both male and female, and the giver of life to mankind and to every plant and animal and rock and stream on this planet. And so in reality, as we choose in our hearts to believe we are one with the Divine, whether male or female, we all give birth to unconditional love, we sacrifice for others, we consciously, with intent, create and give birth to a better self, one that sees others as brothers and sisters. No, not all of us must sire or give physical birth to a...

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