Healthy Spirit, Mind, Body

Let’s get and STAY healthy in Spirit, Mind & Body At times I have found it difficult to maintain a state of well being in my spirit, my mind and my body.   Being an Alpha Aries woman it is hard for me to keep routines in any form. To align with my intention and expectation to be healthy I must be balanced and maintain a rhythm in my daily life. With this website I will be sharing what I have found to be effective through my personal use of various methods and products. Of primary importance is maintaining a healthy relationship with Spirit Parent (whatever name or label you may use for the God of Unconditional Love). We do this through meditation, prayer, reading Spirit imbued writings and books and most important being “connected”or in alignment to receive...

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We Are What We Think

I was awakened this morning with a dream in which each scene had colored boxes stacked around in various places. The boxes were baby blue and baby pink. I looked up the colors to make sure I was getting the correct message from Spirit. I am often awakened and signaled for upcoming messages by vivid colors amongst a black and white dream. So this morning the colors represented ‘spiritual” for the blue and “love” for the pink, thus: “Spiritual Love.”  After rising and going to my guest room where I pray and meditate, I began having thoughts of how to communicate with readers of my blog. Communication is always preceded by thought, as is action, and that is what I want to address today.   James Allen stated in his book, As a Man Thinketh: “The Book of Proverbs...

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Those Strange Circles

My brother and I stopped dead in our tracks as we found ourselves staring out at three strange circles outlined in the salt grass surrounding the lake in our pasture. The circles, approximately thirty feet in diameter, consisted of flattened, dead, yellowed grass defined by the stately green grass in which they lay. Perhaps we wouldn’t have been so surprised coming upon this strange sight on our way to gather the cows for milking, had we not been at this very spot the afternoon before and noticed nothing unusual. Twelve-year old Philip spoke first. “Wow, where did these come from” These weren’t here yesterday. What made these circles?” Suddenly feeling wary in the middle of 400 acres of South Texas pastureland I peered out at the surrounding groves of mesquite...

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